Jesse Sparks

    I offer individual counseling and therapy for clients seeking a one-on-one professional relationship in a non-judgemental, relaxed environment that fosters personal growth and exploration.  While I have experience with clients of all ages, I particularly enjoy working with young adults where an accepting, trusting and understanding environment is of paramount importance. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, compulsive behaviors, codependence and issues related to self-esteem are a few of my specialties. I work with clients to help them overcome crippling and self-defeating cognition's (thoughts) that often lead to repetitive, unhealthy behaviors by gently challenging them to "throw out" old ideas and replace them with more accurate self-perceptions based in identified strengths and personal assets. Couples counseling is also available to those seeking assistance with difficulties in their partnerships, or to simply enhance the quality of their relationships. 

Adolescent Issues
Relationship Termination
Young Adult Issues
Family Conflict
Life Adjustments
Compulsive Behaviors
Personal Growth
Sexuality Concerns
Pre-marital Counseling
Grief and Loss
Career Transition
Life Coaching
Self-Esteem/Self Image
Stress Management

The basis for any successful therapeutic relationship is mutual trust and commitment to the counseling process. I adhere to strict ethical guidelines that shape and direct the outcome of therapy. While specific results can't be guaranteed, tremendous personal growth can take place if the foundation of trust is established and honored.

In the event that your needs may be better suited to other therapeutic means, I maintain active relationships with the area's top healthcare providers and will gladly offer referrals to those practitioners.

I invite you to lead a happier life today. Feeling good is what it's all about!